8 things to consider before first sex

8 Amazing Tips for the first time sex

Teenagers think about a lot of topics before engaging in their first sexual experience. For the majority of us, the first time sex is an important moment because it can introduce us to a whole new world, deepen our connection to our partners, and help us better understand our own bodies. It fosters a solid emotional and physical bond between partners. There are a few things you may want to think about in order to make this experience better and pain-free for both you and your partner.

8 Tips for the first time sex

1.Talk to Your Partner

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Discuss your choice with a responsible adult, such as an older sibling, a friend, or a doctor. Although you may be confident in your choice right now, talking about first time sex  through aloud can help you reach a deeper understanding. You’ll know whether you want to pursue things further or you’re not in the mood if you watch anything (TV or a movie) together, cuddle, and talk a little.

2.Have fun with foreplay

Take your time with the foreplay even if you’re apprehensive and just want to get the first time over with. Women can take a while to become excited, which causes the vagina to lubricate itself naturally. However, many couples skip it in favor of the main course, which leads to poor outcomes. Thus, foreplay should be on your romantic to-do list. It will assist you in lifting your spirits and preparing the scene for more exciting events of first time sex. Make sure your spouse is comfortable with cuddling before beginning with some passionate kissing on the neck and ear.

3.Remember hygiene 

It’s a smart idea to cut your nails first. To lower the risk of urinary tract infections, women should urinate before and right after sex; hugging can wait for a minute. After sexual contact, men should wait 15 minutes before urinating. To prevent infection, another first time sex tip is to wash your hands before any sexual activity and to refrain from contacting your partner’s intimate areas before doing so.

4.Wear a Condom and Use Lubrication

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No matter how many times you want to have sex, if you don’t want to take measures, you can get a sexually transmitted illness test done on both you and your female partner. To prevent unintended pregnancy, use a condom and flush your system after sexual activity to look for any signs of a broken condom. For those who are doing it for the first time sex, extra lubrication is required. Examples include Vaseline, oil, and water-based lubricants. It will make penetration less irritable, and you’ll have a smoother, more pleasant experience.

5.Get Cozy Position

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Finding a comfy position is one of the things that can make you stay in bed longer specially while first time sex. Select comfortable, supportive sex positions that don’t require anything too fancy if you’re feeling apprehensive. You can try the following. Modified Doggy, Woman On Top, Spooning, In A Chair, Sofa Brace, Coital Alignment Technique, and more.

6.Don’t set wrong expectations

It is true to say that sexual attraction and desire are typically at an all-time high at the start of most partnerships. You’re likely trying out new techniques, venturing into uncharted territory, engaging in illicit conversation, and savoring the intense passion to the fullest. The pressure to make sex appear like what you see on television is too great today. And if you don’t want to damage the experience of first time sex by attempting to make it appear like anything you’ve seen rather than making it the ideal one-of-a-kind personal experience, you must know this before having sex for the first time.

7.Don’t moan if you don’t want to

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While some ladies moan, others do not. Just because you’ve seen it in porn or believe it’s necessary for a positive experience doesn’t mean you have to do it. If you concentrate on the incorrect things, appreciate what feels nice to your body, and respond to that, the first time sex won’t feel as fantastic as you believe.

8.Share your experience with your partner

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According to research, sex lives are more satisfying for couples that have great sexual communication. Talking openly about your sex problems with your spouse may help both your relationship and your sex life if you’re having problems with it. Increased intimacy and a closer bond can result from the open conversation in first time sex. In fact, by being open and honest with your partner, you may feel more fulfilled in your relationship overall.

And the most important tip – have fun! 


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